About US

“FAT” - “FAT JAI” is the soul of the brand, he is an adorable, friendly and innovative little boy. He enjoys having different outfits when encountering different people, bringing up fresh ideas and he always loves to surprise everyone.

“COFFEE”, means caffeine which we all need everyday. We hope to provide caffeine to you and your everyday life, bringing surprises and energy to boost your mind.

“WITH”, means “relation” and “connection”. “FAT JAI” hopes to bring surprises and share caffeine to different people through collaborations and crossover projects, influencing others with his out-going and creative personality. We hope to create new possibilities and explore new inspirations together.

“FAT JAI” would act the same way with the logo, being energetic after having a cup of coffee, and keeps moving forward to spread caffeine to everywhere, recharging your body and refreshing your mind. Hope “FAT JAI” could bring you surprise and keep your mind fresh as always.

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